E-Mail Sign Up Coupons

One of the first coupons you can receive when you first go shopping online is an E-mail coupon from the site. Thousands of websites offer this first thing when you enter their site. Take them up on this offer!

Most coupons you will get in a few minutes but others might take a bit to arrive in your inbox. Be aware sometimes you have to use that coupon within a time limit so don’t submit your email until you need to use it!

An added benefit to signing up is that you get more offers sent to your e-mail. Sometimes it’s sales and other times it is even more coupons.

Here is a short list of clothing sites that offer a coupon for when you sign up for their newsletter.

Wet seal – 15%
Maurices – 15%
Forever 21 – 10%
Rue 21 – 25%
Hot Topic – 30%
Charlotte Russe – 20%
Aeropostale – 20%
Tilly’s – $5
Kohl’s – 15% mobile alert sign up
Icing – 20%
Torrid – 10%
H&M – 20%

If you know of any others that would go great on this list let me know!



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