Wal-Mart Shopping Tips

Everyone knows Wal-Mart has those low prices but there are always ways to make those prices even better! Wal-Mart also has a system in place to give you back money if they aren’t the lowest price in town. You just need to take a little bit of extra time before heading to the store.

 photo walmart_zpstjq3limh.jpg

One of the top coupon sites on the internet is coupons.com and they have a very wide selection! They even have coupons that are meant to only be used at Wal-Mart. I start by building my shopping list then searching for coupons that apply. If I find a coupon for something that is not on my list but I feel I can use it later I go ahead and clip it. Coupons are always on a cycle so you need to grab them while you can!

 photo Untitled_zpszv9vnovg.jpg

Now that you have your coupons and your list you are ready to head to the store. I’m ok with buying store brands on most items so I compare my coupon price with the store brand price. Sometimes the store brand price is much better so I set that coupon off to the side.

After finding everything I need and a little extra I head to checkout to use my coupons. Wal-Mart has a function on their app called Wal-Mart Pay that I like to use. Do you have random gift cards laying around with small amounts or you’re always forgetting them at home? Now you can take all those gift cards and put them on the app so all those small amounts add up towards your purchase.
 photo pay_zpsr8zbkmlh.jpg

Now that you have checked out and you have that receipt in your hand keep it! If you paid with Wal-Mart Pay it will ask you if you want to submit your receipt to Savings Catcher. If you used another method of payment open up the Wal-Mart app and click on Savings Catcher at the bottom. This will scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt. Now Wal-Mart will match their price with advertised prices from local competitors. If they find a lower price they will give you the difference to later transfer to a gift card.

 photo savings_zpsw7lgmbty.jpg

It’s really not that much work to save money at Wal-Mart because they have so many tools to help. Gather up your coupons and submit your receipts to get money back towards your next shopping trip.

Savvy Shopping!


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