Pokemon Trainer Shoes

With the big Pokemon Go craze going on you need some good shoes for all the Pokemon catching! Why not have an awesome pair of shoes that are featured in the TV series?

 photo Untitled_zpsgn3nfs9k.jpg

I bought these imitation high top converse shoes from Wal-Mart for only $3! Any brand of high top converse shaped shoes will do but these were such a great deal Next I bought a dollar bottle of red puff paint while I was at Wal-Mart. This project doesn’t require a lot of paint so the small bottle did well for me.

 photo FD8D6B57-4708-4AED-855C-45D3E3E9223E_zpsigbmsksg.jpg

I started by making a stencil from the poke-ball symbol I found online. I decided to use an exacto knife to cut it out of cardboard for easy tracing. After I had my outline I carefully traced it with the puff paint then filled it in.

 photo DBF8787D-382F-467F-A4AF-34CA73715FF2_zpsmhneebsc.jpg

A cute pair of Pokemon inspired shoes to wear while you’re out catching them all!


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