Wish App

A wonderful App my mother turned me onto is Wish. It’s mostly Chinese buyouts so everything is super cheap!

 photo wish_zpshwp1acuv.jpg

Most items range from $1 to $10 depending on the product. Also you can find lower listings for a product if you dig around a bit. They also have a large variety of different categories of products to choose from. Some products might not be exactly as they’re advertised so I advise looking at the comments.

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When it comes to clothes beware of the sizing and read what others have said. These are Chinese products so the sizes seem to run a bit small. They do carry some plus sized clothing as well.

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What’s the catch? For such low prices there is always a compromise. They ship it to you at the lowest rate possible so it can take up to one or two months to even receive a product. So if you’re willing to wait for that great deal it’s worth it!


Ugly Dress to Cute Top

I bought this very out of date dress at Goodwill and saw the potential for something cute. When I go into dressing rooms I pull the dress up to shirt height to look how it might look. I noticed that the dress would make a cute loose fitting tank top. I enjoyed the pattern and colors, it matches what’s pretty popular right now, it just needed some help.

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I put the dress on and mark with a safety pin where I like my shirts to hit on my body length wise.

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After I found the length I added an inch for the hem. Next I cut the dress and pinned the hem down so I could put it through my machine using a blind hem stitch.

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The straps were far to wide for me so I took a strip of fabric and turned it inside out then sewed a strip. I turned it right side out then wrapped it around the straps to bunch them up. I ran it through my machine so it would not slide around.

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I had taken a dress that was 50% off at Goodwill making it only $3 to make a cute inexpensive shirt. You never know what you’ll find while hunting!

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